Rock Your Hair Bed With Scalp Exercises

Scalp Exercises

There are worse things than a bad hair day – ever had a bad face day?

The Treatment

Tom Hagerty has developed a scalp exercise he claims will halt hair loss and promote the growth of new, healthy hair in as little as 5-10 minutes a day.  He describes the technique on

In short, the scalp exercise requires you to alternate contraction of the frontalis and occipitalis muscles.  The frontalis muscles are located at the front of the head, with the occipitalis at the back.  When these muscles are contracted and released in a coordinated fashion, the whole scalp moves.  (You’ll notice that this often occurs naturally in individuals with a full head of hair when they raise their eyebrows).

So what does moving your scalp in this way achieve?  According to Tom, firstly, it quickens blood flow to the scalp.  Secondly, it strengthens the walls of the capillaries, which nourish the hair follicles.  Thirdly, it increases the flexibility and elasticity of the scalp … ultimately leading to regrowth of your hair.

How Does it Work?

Tom will freely admit he doesn’t know exactly why the scalp exercise works.  Nonetheless he offers four theories:

  1. After 10 minutes of the scalp exercise the scalp will become suffused with blood (as will any muscle exercised for a sufficient period).  The increased blood flow and lymph fluid dislodges and removes waste products, which may otherwise contribute to inflammation in scalp tissue.  An inflamed and irritated scalp offers a poor environment for healthy hair growth. The increased blood flow may also reduce the level of 5 alpha-reductase and DHT in the scalp tissues.  See the ‘Hair Loss Explained’ section for further details on DHT, the leading theory on the cause of pattern baldness.
  2. Exercise has a stimulating effect on areas adjacent to the muscles being worked.  In this case, the skin cells in the scalp and hair follicles (hair follicles are simply specialised skin cells).
  3. The exercise positively influences the hair cycle, keeping the hair follicles in the growing stage for longer and in the resting stage for a shorter period (see the ‘Hair Loss Explained’ section for further information on the hair cycle).  This is the natural, healthy cycle for hair follicles.
  4. The scalp exercise slows down the ageing process in the hair follicles.  The movement combined with the increased blood and lymph flow ‘normalises’ (slows down) the biological clock in the follicles.

How Effective Is It?

There’s no hard data to support effectiveness.  Neither does Tom make any hard commitments regarding time taken to see results, other than to indicate that it will take at least 6-8 months to notice even the beginnings of improvement.  He didn’t notice any results until after the eight-month mark.

If you do achieve regrowth you’ll need to continue doing the exercise for as long as you want to maintain results.

Side Effects

Strong muscles where you didn’t know you had ‘em … and never thought you’d need ‘em!

Tom promotes a guaranteed positive side effect of the method for those that take the time to perfect it.  In short, a firm, wrinkle-free forehead and a younger-looking upper face.   He’s been doing the scalp exercise since he was 19 – now in his mid-late 70’s – and has very few wrinkles on his forehead.

I’ve received similar results to date.  The scalp exercise essentially strengthens the muscles around the back and side of the head resulting in a ‘pulling up and back’ of the face.  You’ll find other websites promoting facial exercises for a younger looking face if you care to Google.  Tom has also created a sister site at

Note: whilst you’re learning to do the exercise properly, you may actually increase wrinkles.  Tom recommends applying a mineral oil to your forehead if this starts to occur.

Best Suited For

Those with patience and a dedication to natural hair loss solutions.   The scalp exercise can take a significant investment of time to learn, and then requires daily practice to achieve results.

What You Get

You can purchase a DVD and accompanying 22-page booklet where Tom demonstrates the basic exercise outlined on his website, as well as an advanced exercise.  The DVD and booklet are sent out in a plain manila envelope.

Practicing the advanced exercise is not a pre-requisite for achieving results.  Tom gives you enough information on his website to perform the basic exercise without purchasing anything.

There’s also a significant amount of other information freely available on the site, which promotes an understanding of the balding process as (somewhat of) a basis for evaluating his treatment.  The site takes a holistic approach to hair loss and highlights other lifestyle factors to consider in promoting hair growth.


If you decide to purchase the DVD and booklet, and live in the United States, it’s $25 (including postage).  If you live outside the US you pay an extra $5 for postage and handling (total of USD $30).  Note: I do NOT earn a commission if you decide to purchase.


–   Natural (chemical and surgical free)

–   Inexpensive

–   Can be used in conjunction with other treatments

–   Can be bought without embarrassment (but don’t practice it in public!)


–   Requires time and dedication to both learn the exercise and achieve the results

–   You need to do the exercise daily and for as long as you wish to maintain the results

My Experience

Tom is undoubtedly genuine in his belief that the exercise works, and his desire to help others.  He’s also realistic about the kind of results you can expect and well informed about the nature and causes of hair loss.  I would recommend, if nothing else, that you read some of the information on his site.

Whether or not his treatment works I will ultimately leave up to you.  What I can say is that it didn’t work for me.

It certainly won’t work for those who aren’t prepared to put the time and effort into learning the technique, and then religiously sticking at it.  If time is our most precious commodity, then this is an expensive treatment.  It took me two months just to learn how to become proficient at the exercise.

Now before you accuse me of being slow, you’ll find similar confessions on the forum at  Fact is, I’m a lot like a number of folks in that it took time to get to the starting line.  Unlike a lot of folks, I actually got there (with some help from Tom via e-mail).   Then I set about doing the exercise religiously for another ten months; twice a day for ten minutes.  I also adopted many of Tom’s lifestyle tips (including the recommended brand of brewers yeast).

So what happened?  Well, I can now successfully compete in ear wriggling competitions.  I’ve also kept the lines in my forehead at bay.  Unfortunately it didn’t stop my hair loss, let alone grow any back.

Bottom Line

By all means give it a go, but don’t expect miracles.  You won’t feel cheated if you do decide to try – Tom is a no nonsense guy who believes in what he’s ‘selling’.  A number of similarly genuine folks in the forum will back him up.

And on that note, I’ll leave the last word to Tom from one of his forum entries: “In some people it does not produce results; in others it does. And of course my theories on the subject leave a lot to be desired.”  That said, even the leading theory of hair loss has its holes.


To see what worked for me go here.


  1. says

    i have done Tom’s scalp exercises for almost six months, sometimes 4 times a week, sometimes not at all for almost one week … but went back again maybe for 5 times a week. It works ! i have done these exercises for my face, to correct some of the hooded eyelids i had after Bell Palsy and the side effect is that for once in my entire life my fair stopped falling. I had a loooooooong history of hair fall so i am extremely pleased for my results. You get better looking face and a full head of hair with the same exercises. However, you have to develop discipline and do your practice, just knowing about it won’t do it.

    • admin says

      Good to hear and appreciate you taking the time to tell us about it here. Can I ask, was your hair fall due to pattern baldness?

  2. Ahmad says

    well, my father and i started doing similar execises in an effort to regain lost hair due to genetically predefined balding (we never heard of Tom before). And we saw significant results!!! my father, who is already bald, grew a significant amount of hair back. and my receeding hairline stopped and i even grew hair back as well… but not perhaps we can explore more intricate exercises with the help of tom!! 😀

    • HTTT says

      Thanks for the comment and very interested to know how you came by the exercises you used. Did you create them yourselves? Appreciate it if you could share. Tom provides all the detail you need for the basic exercise right there on his website. The more intricate ones are explained in a cd and booklet you can order.

    • HTTT says

      Good question. Unfortunately I can’t speak from experience, as I never went that crazy. However, I think it’s pretty safe to say, as with most things, there’s likely a law of diminishing returns. At some point more does not necessarily equal better results. Definitely suggest you take some time to read various posts on Tom’s forum from other users’ experience in this regards. Thanks for the question (and for reading!).

    • HTTT says

      Forgot to answer the second part of your question! It certainly can’t hurt to do both – scalp exercises and inversion. Highly likely that one would augment the other.

  3. Delores Stafford says

    The scalp exercise worked amazing for me. I suffered with hair loss and got a weave put on for a year. I did Tom scalp exercise daily. I do these exercise while I am driving my car, working and watching TV. When my weave was removed by my hair style she could not believe my hair growth. She actual took picture of my hair and posted on her website.

    • HTTT says

      Thanks for sharing! I’ve actually got back into these again, too. Mainly because they’re kind of addictive and make my face look younger, rather than for any direct benefits to the hair. Anyone else have a story to share?

  4. Srinivas Ramala says

    Dear tom,

    i am 25 years old male, suffering form severe hair loss since last two years. I read all the information regarding scalp excercise whcih provided by you and from to day onwards i will defenitely follow the scalp excercise. Can you please guide me to improve the growth of my hair by doing some excercises or yoga.

    srinivas ramala

  5. says

    I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering
    problems with your blog. It appears as though some of the text within your posts
    are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well?

    This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

    Many thanks

  6. salman ravish says

    The worst thing you can do is contracting both muscles at once,it will actually cause hairloss!
    I learned this the hard way…

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