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All that shines is gold

What Is Regenepure DR?

Regenepure DR is part of a range of hair products created by Salonceuticals, Inc. to treat hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. The DR stands for ‘Doctor Recommended’ and forms part of their hair loss line, which also includes the Regenepure NT (Nourishing Treatment) shampoo.

The hair growth line, on the other hand, is primarily a minoxidil based product and supplement. You can see the full range here.

As for Regenepure DR, the key active ingredient is ketoconazole.  This puts it in direct competition with Nizoral.  Unlike Nizoral, however, Regenepure DR markets itself as a hair loss shampoo (rather than a treatment for dandruff).

How Does Regenepure DR Work?

Apart from ketoconazole, which is clearly the ‘big daddy’ (discussed in my Nizoral article here), Regenepure DR includes several other ingredients which may help prevent hair loss.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Serrulata) Extract – Saw Palmetto is probably the most discussed, and often used herb, in the battle against hair loss.  Including in minoxidil formulas, supplements, and hair loss shampoos such as Regenepure DR. Read my thoughts here on how effective Saw Palmetto is in fighting hair loss.

Emu Oil – There are potentially several contributing factors to hair loss, as noted elsewhere on this site. One of them is inflammation. As Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory (March 1998, Volume 6, Issue 1 of InflammoPharmacol), some believe it may help arrest hair loss.

A study at the Boston University School of Medicine (conducted on mice) may also indicate the potential for emu oil to awaken dormant hair follicles and increase robustness of hair follicles.

However, Emu Oil’s real effectiveness, particularly as part of a shampoo such as Regenepure DR, may be due to another of its properties*.  The ability to potentiate the effectiveness of other ingredients, such as ketoconazole, by effectively binding them together and delivering them through the skin.  Meaning the active ingredients get to the hair follicle, where they can do their work.

An added benefit  is that it may soothe irritation that other ingredients in the shampoo may be causing, as well as add moisture and shine.

Zinc Oxide – Zinc plays a vital part in many bodily processes.  Including cell division, hormonal balance, effective absorption of vitamins and wound healing, among other things. All of these are necessary for proper hair growth.  Some studies have also indicated that Zinc may have the ability to inhibit DHT production and lower DHT levels. However, further testing is needed to positively confirm.

What has been well tested, however, is zinc’s wound healing properties.  Courtesy of several randomized, double blind studies (the gold standard in clinical testing).  Other hair loss products, such as Tricomin, for example, were initially developed as a wound healing treatment and are now marketed for hair loss. The ability to heal wounds and grow hair are likely highly correlated.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 has been shown in some studies to inhibit DHT creation.  In still others, this ability was significantly potentiated when combined with zinc.

Aloe – Many claims are made for Aloe Vera, including an ability to aid in wound healing, repair damage from ultraviolet radiation, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, use as an anti-inflammatory and skin moisturizer. It’s not unreasonable to assume that the reason for its inclusion in a hair loss shampoo such as Regenepure DR, however, is primarily to condition the skin, promote a healthy scalp and moisturize the hair.

Jojoba Seed Oil– Jojoba helps to replace essential oils that shampoo cleansers typically remove.

* One of the conclusions of a study at the Occupational Dermatology Laboratory of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston was that oleic acid, the largest component of emu oil, may be the main reason for emu oil’s amazing ability to penetrate the skin and carry with it hair growth stimulating medications. 

How Effective Is Regenepure DR for Hair Loss?

Hair loss shampoos that claim to regrow your hair don’t exactly have a good wrap amongst ‘serious’ hair loss commentators. While many of these shampoos have very slick marketing campaigns, and/or may produce cosmetic benefits, few, if any, are very effective at actually regrowing lost hair.

In my experience the Regenepure DR shampoo proved effective at halting hair loss (see the ‘What Worked For Me: 2016’ section of this site). Regenepure DR also consistently ranks as a top 5 hair loss shampoo across popular review sites (ok!) as well as with cynical, well-researched forum posters (better!).

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Propecia (finasteride), Rogaine (minoxidil) and Nizoral (ketaconozale) are generally referred to as ‘The Big Three’ in hair loss treatments.  As with Nizoral, Regenpure DR’s key active ingredient is ketoconazole.

It’s Regenepure DR’s other ingredients, as well as usability, however, that probably give it the edge.  Nizoral left my hair feeling dry, stringy and brittle. So even though it likely helped my hair loss, it actually made my hair look worse in the process. Regenpure DR doesn’t. That said, Regenpure DR only comes in 1% ketoconazole, while Nizoral is also available with 2%. Ultimately though, the ability to use Regenepure on a daily basis, whilst maintaining the hair’s healthy appearance, is probably the difference.

How Long Before I see Results?

A realistic term to evaluate the effect of a hair loss shampoo, or any hair loss treatment for that matter, is around 3 to 6 months. Optimal results are normally obtained in around 12 months.  You may, however, start to notice cosmetic benefits, such as slightly thicker, fuller hair, in the first few weeks of use.


Hair Loss ShampooA bottle of Regenepure DR hair loss shampoo costs around USD $25. Two of the main (re)sellers are Amazon, or the manufacturer Salonceuticals (here). It’s also available from other selected retailers, although the price is the same whichever you choose.

I can vouch for the manufacturer when it comes to customer satisfaction. What comes across in the customer support is that a) they believe in the product and b) they care about you getting the most out of it.

Guidelines for Effective Use

As with most sulfate free shampoos, Regenepure only produces a slight lather. Don’t let this fool you into thinking it doesn’t work.

For best results, use it as you would any other shampoo – once per day in the shower. Unlike other shampoos it should be left to rest on your scalp for 5 minutes each time. Medicated shampoos need time to penetrate the skin and deliver the ingredients to your hair follicles.  Also, to maximize effectiveness, try not to skip doses.

If you have oily hair and find it’s compromising shininess or silkiness, consider pairing with Regenepure NT. For those with dry, average or combination hair types the manufacturer recommends adding Regenepure NT and the Intense Biotin Conditioner.  Up to you.

FYI, depending on your usage, each Regenepure DR bottle should last about 6 weeks.

Best Suited For

Men and women suffering from pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

If you’re in the early stages of hair loss, Regenepure DR may also prove to be effective as a standalone treatment (see the HTTT View section below for further information).


Many of the pros and cons for Regenepure DR arise from the inevitable comparison with Nizoral.

  • Includes ketoconazole, the key active ingredient in one of ‘The Big Three’ treatments for hair loss
  • Includes other natural ingredients which may help in halting and/or promoting hair loss
  • Effective treatment for dandruff
  • Free of all sulfates, parabens, DEA and other harsh chemicals (and therefore doesn’t leave your hair feeling like it’s been chemically treated)
  • Can be used with keratin or colour treated hair
  • Can be used with other topical hair loss treatments
  • Easy to incorporate into your existing routine


  • More expensive than Nizoral
  • Doesn’t come with a 2% ketoconazole option (Read my Nizoral review here, which also discusses the difference between the two strengths)

Possible Side Effects

Ketoconazole shampoos have few, if any, side effects. Where these do arise, they may include mild skin itching or irritation, dry skin or headache.

Women who are nursing or are pregnant should, as usual, consult their doctors to determine if ketoconazole treatments are safe for them.

Hair Today There Tomorrow View: A Hair Loss Shampoo Worth Considering

For those of you who are already part way through your hair loss journey, the question on your mind may well be, ‘is this a better hair loss shampoo than Nizoral?’  Although my answer would be ‘yes’, … does it actually work is a better question. Particularly for those who have neither heard of, nor used, Nizoral.

Whilst I don’t believe Regenpure DR is a primary hair care treatment, it has proven its ability to halt my hair loss. In conjunction with other treatments it can also promote the regrowth of lost hair (see the ‘What Worked For Me: 2016’ section of this site for my experience combining Regenepure DR with minoxidil and the HairMax laser comb).

I was initially attracted to Nizoral in the early part of my hair loss journey (see that discussion here), primarily due to its inclusion in ‘The Big Three’ hair loss treatments. Whilst I believe Nizoral had some impact, it was relatively underwhelming.  Especially considering its press.

Thankfully, for me, Regenpure DR had a far more noticeable impact in terms of reducing hair fall.  Not to mention the cosmetic benefits of healthier looking hair whilst using it.

If you’re ready to try a ketaconozole-containing product, I can recommend Regenepure DR. If you’re in the early stages of your hair loss, I’d also recommend trying it in isolation. Consider adding other primary treatments, such as minoxidil, after you’ve given it about 3 to 6 months to prove itself.


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