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Hair Today There Tomorrow MissionThe HTTT Mission

A 2004 Gallup Poll of 1500 men across five European countries showed that nine out of ten British men experiencing hair loss do not seek treatment.This is despite three-quarters of men in the survey indicating self-esteem issues and two-thirds of them feeling insecure as a result of hair loss.

The Belgravia Centre in London estimates that as many as 87% of British men don’t know that scientifically proven and medically approved hair loss treatments exist and 75% believe hair loss cannot be prevented.

Although the situation has undoubtedly improved since 2004 there are still an overwhelming number of men (whether in Britain or elsewhere) who remain stuck in the belief that there’s nothing they can do to prevent, or reverse, hair loss.

Given that at least 50% of adult men will experience some degree of hair loss, much of which is preventable, that’s an exceptionally sad state of affairs.  It’s also the very situation that gave rise to the Hair Today There Tomorrow mission: ‘to educate every man about real options for preventing hair loss and regrowing their hair’.

Browse these pages. Educate yourself.  Keep your hair … then go slay some dragons and rescue a fine looking damsel on the return.

Hop to it.


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